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What is a Battered Woman?

A battered woman is someone who has been the target of abusive behavior by a man who is not a stranger to her. The type of abuse most often associated with the term “battered woman” is direct physical attack. This is also called domestic assault because the woman is physically attacked by someone she lives with or has lived with at some time. Violence in your home may make you feel ashamed or “less than.” You may have come to believe that violence has only happened to you and that no one will believe you or understand what it is like. Your abuser probably tells you that you deserve it. You do not deserve to be abused! You have a right to live without terror and mistreatment. You don’t have to suffer in silence. There are people who care and who specialize in helping people who are going through what you are experiencing.

Domestic violence isn’t just a family matter. It’s a violent crime.

Is someone you know a battered woman?
Are you?

Many women resist thinking of themselves as battered, but if you can see how this term might apply to your situation, you may be one step closer to making change possible in your life.

Physical abuse includes being held or tied down, locked in a room and kept from leaving, being locked out of the house or left in a dangerous place. It is abusive for your intimate partner to refuse to help you when you are sick or injured, or drives recklessly to terrorize you when you or your children are riding with him.


Emotional Abuse:

Domestic violence victims are also psychologically and emotionally abused. When an intimate partner threatens to use physical force against you, whether or not he actually assaults you, this is a form of psychological battering. A threat in itself is an attack on you. This is especially true if this partner has hit you at least once before and you are afraid he will do it again. Threats of physical violence take away your sense of safety, security and well-being, and play on your fear of being hurt physically. An abuser may also threaten to hurt your children, friends, family or pets if you do not go along with what he wants. He may actually do them harm or destroy your property. Threats and actions like these terrorize you and make you feel helpless. You may find yourself forced to go along with what he wants in order to protect yourself or others you care about. Isolation – not allowing you to leave the house … keeping you away from friends and family – is a form of abuse.

Sexual Assault and Rape:

Hope Harbor Home is proud of its partnership with Rape Crisis Center – Brunswick, a program of Coastal Horizons Inc. Many victims of domestic violence are also sexually abused by their batterers. Rape Crisis Center – Brunswick has counselors, support groups and a range of advocacy  programs for these victims. Services are available to victims of recent and past sexual assault. Hope Harbor Home will help you access the services of Rape Crisis Center – Brunswick if you are also a victim of rape or sexual assault.

Can men be victims of domestic violence?

Yes. Hope Harbor Home provides services to victims of domestic violence regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Assault is a crime–a violent crime–and it’s not OK.

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