24-Hour Crisis Hotline: 910-754-5856

The Empowering You support group meets 10 times over the course of 10 weeks.

This program is offered to past and present victims of domestic abuse. Participants do not have to be current or past clients of the shelter to participate.

Contact Tommy Griffin at 910-754-5726 for information on the next series of meetings.

Topics that are covered:

Red flags of violent relationships and historical patterns. Recognize those patterns of violent and controlling relationships.

Understanding you – why you choose this type of partner/s. Learn the forces that drives you to make choices of intimate partners.

Hidden Messages that keep you from being a wholesome person. Discover how these negative messages may continue to destroy our self esteem and recognize how we sabotage ourselves.

Building Self-Esteem – Exercises and discussions will help us recognize our strengths and become more confident.

Assertiveness— Learn how assert yourself in decisions, without feeling intimidated by other people.

Communication Skills for Women – Class focuses on skills for women to effectively communicate in relationships and the workplace.

Emotional Intelligence – This class helps you to understand how you make decisions, from an emotional or logical thinking process and to have a clearer awareness of yourself..

Effects of Domestic Violence on Children – Helps understand the impact of violence between intimate partners, when it occurs in front of the children.

Single Parenting – Learn how to become more effective as a single parent in a dysfunctional home.

Healthy relationship – Discuss traits of healthy relationships and meeting emotional needs in the relationship.

If you would like information about the next Empowering You Support Group, please contact Tommy Griffin at Hope Harbor Home. (910) 754-5726.

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