24-Hour Crisis Hotline: 910-754-5856

At Hope Harbor Home we offer immediate shelter for women and their children,
but we also focus on helping victims break the cycle of abuse.

Hope Harbor Home provides emergency shelter, confidential individual counseling, court advocacy and support groups that help victims end the cycle of violence and abuse.
Some victims have lead a life of isolation and will need to learn what most of us take for granted as basic life skills – using a checking account, creating a budget, reading the want ads. Most will need to find the self esteem that has been stripped away by their abuser.

Help for the Domestic Violence Victim

24-Hour Crisis Hotline


This Hotline is always answered in person by someone who can talk to a caller in confidence about domestic violence. The Hotline can be the first step for many victims in the journey to stop a lifetime of abuse.

Safe Shelter

A roof over our head, a place where we know our children are safe from physical violence … shelter is such a basic human need, we often take it for granted. But this most basic of human needs is an important factor in getting a victim away from an abuser.

For women and their children in immediate danger from an abuser,  Hope Harbor Home offers not only safe shelter, but also guidance through the steps toward an independent life for themselves and their families.

Support Group

Hope Harbor’s Empowerment Support Group is available to current and past victims of domestic violence, in or out of the shelter. Ending the abuse requires a total commitment to a safe future.

Victim Advocacy

Hope Harbor Victim Advocates assess clients’ risk factors and may offer emergency shelter in the initial phase, to remove themselves and families from a dangerous situation.

Navigating the legal system is a large part of the challenge that lies ahead of each victim. Trained victim advocates at Hope Harbor are available to discuss domestic violence and help connect victims with all the sources of public and private assistance available to them. Hope Harbor employs three full-time advocates, one of which is fluent in Spanish.

For the Community

Community education and outreach programs

Hope Harbor staff members are active in the Brunswick County community raising awareness of the issues and signs of domestic abuse.

They offer programs to schools and civic organizations promoting nonviolence and addressing such issues as:

  • Bullying
  • Safe Dating
  • Good Touch / Bad Touch
  • Non-Violent Conflict Resolution
  • Respect for Others

Hope Chest Thrift Stores

Two Hope Chest Thrift Stores in Brunswick County offer gently used high-quality clothing, housewares, furniture, books, collectibles and other items to the public.

The stores offer the community at-large a virtually free way to contribute to the betterment of their community, simply by cleaning out their closets and garages and donating items for sale at one of the area Hope Chest Thrift Stores.

Profits of the Hope Chests – located at Leland and Oak Island – provide vital financial support for Hope Harbor Home’s programs, domestic violence victims and their children.  More Info about Hope Chest Thrift Stores

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